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  • David Enloe, President and CEO
  • Kristin DeFife, Vice President of Biologics
  • Saya Godwin, Director of Supply Chain
  • Paul Ruther, Associate Director of Fill & Finish Manufacturing
  • Steve Folio, Associate Director of QA & Regulatory
  • Chris Olson, Manager of Project Management
  • Vesna Dorio, Supervisor of Client Services

White Papers

5 ADC Manufacturing Challenges You Need to Know

Simplifying Recombinant Protein Production: Breaking Down the Corynex® Protein Expression System

Critical Factors of Fill Finish Manufacturing for Biologics

Crystalomics: A Pathway Forward for Protein Crystallization LSC

Is Your Complex Formulation Process Set Up For Success?

Preparing for Your CMO Selection Process


Althea Digital Brochure

Corynex System Brochure

ADC Launch Brochure

Crystalomics Brochure

Webcasts and Presentations

Webcast of our Vice President of Biologics, Kristin DeFife, discussing challenges associated with recombinant protein production using E.Coli, and presenting Corynex® as a solution to many of these problems can be viewed here.

EJ Brandreth, former Sr. VP of Quality and Regulatory, talks about life in the CMO world from the quality perspective. In this presentation, he discusses the regulations involved in biologics manufacturing and fill finish operations, and the importance of establishing a quality based partnership between CMOs and sponsors.

Kevin McCowen’s presentation at HPLC 2016 demonstrates Althea applying a novel technique that increases fidelity of protein conformational analyses. HPLC 2016_

Industry Resources and Articles

BPI – Biological Characterization Using Protein Crystal Measurements

How to Stand Out from the Biopharmaceutical CMO Crowd

Protein Crystals- Reshaping Traditional Biotherapeutic Formulations

Prefilled Syringes & Parenteral Contract Manufacturing: Biologics Present a New Set of Challenges

Parenteral Outsourcing Trends

Twists and Turns in Protein Expression

Should You Search Globally For A CMO

Contract Biomanufacturing Firms Become More Specialized 

Prefilled Syringes & Parenteral Contract Manufacturing: Anticipating the Needs of the Future 

An Interview with Althea, Kristin DeFife speaks to Pharmaceutical Outsourcing regarding Biologics Manufacturing

Pre-Filled Syringes- A Container of Choice for Pharma

Trends in Biologics Outsourcing

Single-Use Technologies in Fill-Finish Operations





GMP Certifications

Althea’s EU GMP Certificate 2015

At Althea, we believe in The Power To Make – for our clients, our own teams and our community of partners. Keep informed with our new resources detailing industry trends and Althea capabilities.

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