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Althea Rebrands To Elevate Its Promise to Clients

SAN DIEGO – January 27, 2015 — Ajinomoto Althea, Inc. (“Althea”), a global contract development and manufacturing organization unveils its new logo and adopts “The Power To Make” as its purpose statement as well as launches an all new, modernized website.

“The Power To Make” and Core Values

“The Power To Make” serves as both Althea’s purpose and its tagline, becoming central to its brand. Althea’s partner-centric reputation is highly regarded in the contract manufacturing space and Althea commits to further delivering on this promise to its clients.

David Enloe, Althea’s President and CEO says, “Over the past several months, we spent a lot of time with clients understanding the true value we bring to their biopharmaceutical programs. This research really drove home the importance of what we now call the “get it factor”. Althea’s entire team truly understands our clients’ needs, and strives to constantly consider those needs and challenges as our own.”

“This extensive research yielded our purpose statement: “The Power To Make” – therapeutics that improve the quality of life, our clients successful, and a real difference in people’s lives. This has always been our purpose and core value; now, we are capturing that quality in an explicit and concise way. This purpose statement binds us to our clients in a dedicated and deeply-valued manner.”

Updated Logo and Modernized Website

In conjunction with the new tagline, Althea redesigned its logo to provide consistency, clarity, and ease of use for Althea’s practices and clients around the world. Also, Althea completely redesigned its entire website in order to provide a better user experience. Althea rebuilt the web structure, imagery,

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