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Cell Banking

Althea offers significant expertise and experience in establishing and maintaining over 250 cGMP cell banks. We operate and maintain a self-contained cell banking suite with a specialized team who is responsible for the manufacture of microbial master cell banks and working cell banks.

  • FDA and MHRA inspected facilities operate according to EU guidelines
  • Environmentally monitored throughout production
  • In-house release and stability testing of cell banks
  • Short and long term storage in qualified freezers under continuous temperature monitoring

Expression Systems

BacteriaE.Coli Strains
Corynex® (Corynebacterium glutamicum)
Client-Specified Strains
YeastP. pastoris
S. cerevisiae
S. pombe
H. polymorpha

Client-Specified Strains

Microbial Manufacturing

As industry experts in microbial fermentation, Althea has focused its attention on the development of high quality Bacterial and Yeast Cell Lines. Althea also offers access to a proprietary protein expression system, Corynex® system.

Using gram-positive bacterium, Corynebacterium glutamicum, we achieve mammalian-like protein expression with all the benefits of a bacterial system.

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