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Drug Formulation

Althea is a leading expert in the field of drug formulation with unique capabilities and experience important to the formulation of your API material. Certain drug compounds may require complex drug formulation to overcome challenges with stability, efficacy, potency, or safety during clinical and commercial phases. Althea has extensive experience in implementing clients’ developed formulation methods into GMP compliant processes to ensure successful manufacturing scale-up.

Althea’s formulation scientists are highly knowledgeable in manufacturing various complex formulations, including liposomes & nanoparticles, conjugates, crystallized proteins, adjuvants, and viscous products. Althea is dedicated to drug formulation processes and has invested in five complex formulation suites. We leverage the use of microfluidizers, homogenizers, and tangential flow filtration to manufacture complex product formulations.

Services and Instrumentation

Formulation ServicesSimple liquid formulation
Lyophilized formulation
Lyophilization cycle optimization
Sustained release formulation
Complex liquid formulation development including nano-emulsions
Liposomes and nanoparticles
Conjugations of PEG and peptides
Formulation InstrumentationDynamic light scattering
Differential scanning calorimetry
Karl Fischer titration
FT-IR spectroscopy
Microflow imaging

Formulation Process

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