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Crystalomics® Drug Delivery Technology

Althea’s Crystalomics® Formulation Technology enables the crystallization, cross-linking and/or complexation of proteins for therapeutic use. It includes proprietary knowledge and expertise to develop ideal crystallization conditions, stable crystalline formulations and scale-up for GMP manufacturing of crystalline suspension drug products. The technology allows companies to produce highly concentrated formulations with low viscosity, enabling low volume doses and increased stability.  The resulting crystalline suspensions are easier to administer and offer the chance to extend the patent life of high value biologics.  Because technology transfer and scale-up manufacturing work can be performed at the same site, Althea provides a timely and cost-effective solution for your clinical drug development needs.

Benefits of Crystalomics Technology

  • Crystallization to achieve high protein formulations (concentrations ≤ 350mg/ml)
  • Sustained release formulations for proteins with short half-lives
  • Low viscosity for good injectability for prefilled syringes or devices
  • Suspension formulations of higher dose antibodies in small injection volume
  • Converts delivery from intra-venous to sub-cutaneous injection
  • Transforms daily to weekly injections or longer
  • Full retention of integrity, structure, and activity

Using the Crystalomics drug delivery technology, challenging drug deliveries are transformed into amenable drug treatment regimens for patients. Althea’s Crystalomics technology has been utilized to develop alternative drug delivery formulations of drug substances that are advancing into clinical trials.

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